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The Heatherwood Community
Webster's Dictionary defines the word "community" as "a body of people having common organization or interests or living in the same place...common character; likeness".

The Heatherwood Estates neighborhood comprises almost 400 households. The purpose of the Heatherwood Neighborhood Association is to serve the residents and to promote and maintain the welfare of the neighborhood. The Association is a not-for-profit corporation, operated by an elected body of officers and directors who volunteer time and energy on behalf of the Association members.

The primary goal of the Association is to provide the neighborhood with a means of obtaining snow removal services and allocate the costs equitably to each household through assessment of annual dues. Secondly, but of equal importance, the Association has provided members a means of representation in matters regarding the zoning and development of the area surrounding our neighborhood and has functioned as a clearinghouse for information on such topics as the drainage ditch, pet control, neighborhood street lights and other issues of concern.

We welcome you to Heatherwood Estates and hope that you will join us in keeping it a great place to live.